Ideal Medieval City

Knights, old city districts, flags, crossbows, ancient traditions and flavors: the ideal city of the Middle Ages

A stone-made city founded over 3000 years ago. Volterra is one of the few cities in the world that allows you to open a door to the past and walk into history.   

A city made of stone but full of beating hearts. The beating hearts of the contrade’s inhabitants, the centuries-old town districts. The Balitori’s coats of arms and delicate young ladies, precious as the sparkly gems set on their rich costumes.

Would you like to live authentic medieval atmospheres?
Come with me inside Palazzo dei Priori.
Gemma - Contrada S. Giusto

Open the door of Middle Ages and live the history
as a protagonist

The Gabella payment, the ancient greeting ceremony born to accept the foreigners into the city, an exclusive guided tour in the medieval heart of the city, an exciting crossbow test, a relaxing candle-light dinner served by a real tavern maid wearing historical costumes, the privilege of sleeping in a boutique hotel to enjoy all the modern comforts.