City of Popes

Discover the authentic Lazio in the footsteps of the Popes: begin your journey into the heart of Viterbo from the amazing Palazzo Papale - famous for the longest Pope election in history - to the medieval district of San Pellegrino.

The symbol of the city is the Palazzo Papale (Palace of the Popes): this building is the most important monument in Viterbo because is the place where the longest election of a pope in history was carried out. 

City of ancient origins, Viterbo has one of the biggest medieval historic center in Europe with some very well preserved medieval quarters, such as the well-known San Pellegrino district.

Explore the most authentic and vibrant Tuscia of Viterbo: taste the local delicacies and breath the magic atmosphere of its medieval districts. 

Enter the Palace of the longest conclave in history
Palazzo dei Papi - Viterbo

Open the door of Middle Ages and live the history
as a protagonist

Enjoy a guided tour of the medieval heart of Viterbo along with a professional guide; learn more about the history of the famous Palazzo dei Papi – papal seat and building where the longest council in history was carried out. Discover the hidden areas of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and admire the treasures kept inside the magnificent Colle del Duomo Museum. Then, enrich your journey tasting the best products of the local food and wine tradition.