Land of Wineries and Castles

A unique experience of historical wine tourism among the superb Trentino wines

You are about to enter into Medieval Italy’s world: you’re about to know beautiful medieval destinations and top-quality itineraries immersed in one of the most famous wine-producing Italian Region.
The best Trentino wineries open their doors to a suggestive wine and history experience, an exceptional moment that combines the region’s historical and wine culture, in a place of timeless charm.

Historical and Rural Soul of Trentino
Marco e Stefano Pisoni - Cantina Pisoni

Trentino’s wineries present the historical wine tourism

A unique wine tourism route that goes from Rovereto territory with its Brut and Rosé Trento Doc signed by the Balter Winery to the Vallagarina, famous for the Marzemino, product of excellence of the De Tarczal Winery. From Castel Noarna, with its organic wines, to the iconic Valle dei Laghi, homeland of Reboro and Vino Santo produced by the Pisoni winery. The journey continues to the green slopes of Monte Corona, cradle of the Cobelli winery, to the Piana Rotaliana, where the prestigious Cantina Rotari and Donati Marco farm are based.