Trentinno: land of Wineries and Castles

The wine production is deeply connected with Italian culture: every and each Region of our beautiful country has its own tradition related to wine. Starting from the world-famous Chianti, Italy boasts its centuries-old history of excellent products.

There are some territories, however, where the tradition of viticulture is intertwined with family histories, thus becoming an integral part of a story made up of personal experiences and love for the land.

In Trentino this concept is a reality: entire families take care of their own wineries and become part of the results: every effort is made in name of the love of nature that these people have since forever. A strong connection between old traditions of work – learned by the grandfathers – and the most innovative and modern tools led by the new generations. 

A connection between past and present that people can find also in the majestic castles that enrich the landscapes of this amazing land: imposing medieval fortresses still open their doors to the visitors interested in learning the history of this Region.

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