San Leo


The origins of Montefeltro

The hermit Leone, the poet Dante Alighieri, Saint Francis, the artist Piero della Francesca, the adventurer Cagliostro: these are just some of the names of the great charachters who wrote the history of the old Mons Feretri.

Located in the heart of the historical Region of Montefeltro, in the now-called Valmarecchia – not far from the independent San Marino – San Leo is today a medieval borgo that keeps its old history alive. Characterized by a silent charm, the contemporary Mons Feretri offers to its visitors an original glance on a timeless world.

Founded before the Roman Era, San Leo gives its name to the Dalmatian heremit Leone, friend of Marino, who evangelized the village during the III century. Before then, it was known as Mons Feretri – nowadays: Montefeltro.
The family Montefeltro dues in facts its name to this territory, where they extended their rule for centuries.

Marked by the passages of the poet Dante Alighieri – who mentions San Leo in his Divina Commedia – and of the Saint Francesco – who here receives the Monte della Verna in 1213 -, San Leo was made eternal by the paintings of Piero della Francesca, who was inspired by the valleys and hills of this lands for his unforgettable landscapes.
To make this place even more interesting, the intriguing story of Cagliostro, the controversial character who was imprisoned and died in the fearsome Renaissance fortress of San Leo during the 18th century.

Welcome to San Leo, the ancient Mons Feretri

Open the door of Middle Ages and live the history
as a protagonist

An itinerary through the crucial points of San Leo in a journey that interweaves poetry, religion, art and politics.
From the Cathedral built on a spur of rock to the mighty Renaissance fort that dominates the valley; from the small square with its nineteenth-century stone fountain to the Santa Maria Assunta church, built during the IX century as one of the oldest evidence of Christianization in the Montefeltro area.