Pistoia: a Tuscan treasure “Home” of San James the Major

brunelleschi a pistoia

Everybody knows the Camino, the famous Way of Saint James – the centuries-old pilgrimage itinerary that follows the steps of Saint James the Major up to the Spanish town of Compostela. 

However, not everyone knows that there is another way focused on a lesser-known Italian town that has become a pilgrimage destination over the centuries: Pistoia.

This small Tuscan town, in fact, keeps a very precious relic of Saint James the Apostle since 1144. Starting from then, an important – and still very felt – Jacobean cult begins its story in Pistoia and the people, together with the Cathedral and the Bishop, decide to realize a prestigious altar to keep and protect their important treasure. Between 1287 and 1456 local artists and goldsmiths worked to an imposing altar composed of embossed silver plaques and statuettes. 

Among the artists, we find also a young Filippo Brunelleschi who realizes the statuettes of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah.

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