Medieval New Year’s Eve in Florence: an unforgettable December 31st in Tuscany!

Are you looking for an original way to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with your family and friends? Are you staying in the cradle of Renaissance, the amazing Florence? If the answer is “yes”, there’s an unmissable, new party that is waiting for you: the Medieval New Year’s Eve.

In a suggestive location that dominates the hills in the immediate surroundings of Florence – the Antico Spedale del Bigallo, founded in 1213 – a real medieval banquet comes to live every December 31st.

Fire-eaters, jugglers, musicians, street artists and actors make this event unforgettable: all the Middle-Ages-lovers have the chance, once a year, to take part in an authentic medieval feast where everything talks about these fascinating old times – from the beautiful historical costumes that the participants can hire to attend the dinner to the dishes served, all inspired to the recipes of the tradition.

For one night, the past comes alive and becomes an incredible, involving show where you are the protagonist of history!

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