Land of Francesca, land of love

The small town of Gradara is where the myth of Paolo and Francesca was born: an enchanting love story, a hymn to female heroism.

Known for its Malatestian Stronghold, typical example of medieval architecture, Gradara is today famous for the story of Paolo and Francesca in Dante’s poetry.
According to the legend, Paolo e Francesca da Polenta were killed by Gianciotto, Paolo’s brother and Francesca’s husband.
If love were to have a symbolic place, this would be the castle of Gradara, excellent medieval place where you can live history and a loving passion.

Welcome to Gradara, Land of Love
Francesca’s bedroom – Rocca di Gradara

Open the door of Middle Ages and live the history
as a protagonist

Enjoy a themed visit at the Castle walking around with a professional guide wearing historic clothes; join a medieval dance led by a real teacher… go ahead with your travel of discovery tasting traditional recipes.
Take part to an exclusive concert of ancient music; listen to the words of a storyteller and smell the incredible notes of an essence dedicated to Paolo and Francesca’s love.
Live deeply Gradara territory rich of culture and relax: a tour to discover the Marche-Romagna inland between Gradara, Mondaino and San Leo.