Nobility and dynasties: from Dante to the Medici

Noble families, centuries-old dynasties, rich feasts and wines of excellence: the unknown face of the most prestigious Italian city between Middle-Ages and Renaissance.

Birthplace of the poet Dante Alighieri and homeland of the Medici family; art and literature’s Capital but also land of wars and conflicts: Florence is a charming city with thousands of shades.

Relive the old city life in a unique itinerary among the old palaces and their owners’ daily-life; walk along the narrow streets and discover original points of view. Visit the iconic Tuscan countryside and know the history of the Marquis of Frescobaldi, an old aristocrat family that since 1300 dedicates love and passion to viticulture that combines experience and innovation. All the DOCG, DOC and IGT Frescobaldi wines are produced along 1200 hectares spread out over six estates of noble terroir in the best areas of Tuscany.

The Florentine eno-gastronomic culture taps into the Middle-Ages: unique locations such as the Palagio di Parte Guelfa open their doors to unforgettable medieval feasts and banquets, where ancient recipes and forgotten savours will be the absolute protagonists.

“Discover with me the authentic Medieval Florence”

Open the door of Middle Ages and live the history
as a protagonist

A never-done-before itinerary among Dante’s places; a wine tourism experience lived inside the wine cellar of Nipozzano Castle, one of the historical estates owned by the Frescobaldi family, where you can enjoy the fragrant notes of a Chianti Rufina glass of wine. A journey to discover ancient mansions and their everyday life that culminates with the grandiose New Year’s Eve Medieval Banquet by the Antico Spedale del Bigallo, a pilgrims’ shelter built in 1214 on the hills surrounding Florence.