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Experience History
“We see in the Middle Ages not only a Past to be rediscovered but an unexpected tourism perspective that allow us to live History as real protagonists.”
Renato, CEO & Founder
“A rigorous selection of authentic medieval destinations to design tours that enhance the experience of ancient atmospheres together with high quality standard services.”
Sara, Product Manager
Our values

Historical research, attention to details, authenticity:
all our best to guarantee to our customers only 100% medieval experiences.

Team spirit
The best talents joint by the same final goal: making your journey through history a unique experience!
Not only tours but also museums and audio-guided itineraries with immersive experiences.
During the Middle Ages, casinos were very popular. The first known casino was in Venice (Italy) in 1638. The first casinos were called pallazi, and this name remained in use for another 100 years. This was a great benefit to the wealthy of the day, as they could enjoy the casino without the threat of losing armor and horses. The term "casino" was originally used to refer to small buildings offering gambling or prostitution. Over time, however, the term came to mean a variety of public buildings that provided space for social gatherings and entertainment. Unlike modern casinos useful sourcemedieval gambling was highly profitable. King Henry VII, who opposed the legalization of gambling for the common people, was often found gambling large sums of money on dice and cards. Despite the resistance of the kingdom, many medieval Europeans played casino games and gambled their money.